ATOM News Feeds

Find out What's New

There are several ways to find out what's new in each web:
  1. Visit WebChanges to see recent changes
  2. Subscribe in WebNotify to get notified of recent changes by e-mail
  3. Use a news reader such as Foswiki:Extensions/HeadlinesPlugin to display the recent changes
    • The source can be a RSS 1.0 feed (WebRss) or ATOM 1.0 feed (WebAtom)

ATOM Feed Usage

ATOM Feed Internals

Each web has a WebAtom topic which includes part of this WebAtomBase topic. This topic is the base for the ATOM feed and generates an WebAtom 1.0 feed.

The WebAtom topic in each web contains the following text:

<title><nop>%WIKITOOLNAME%'s <nop>%BASEWEB% web</title>
<subtitle><literal>The %WEB% web of %WIKITOOLNAME%. %WEBSUMMARY%</literal></subtitle>
%INCLUDE{"%SYSTEMWEB%.WebAtomBase"}% <!--
   * Set SKIN = rssatom
   * Set COVER = rssatom

Note: The subtitle is expanded from the %WEB%, %WIKITOOLNAME% and %WEBSUMMARY% macros. These must expand to plain text with no links or html markup. <literal> is used to avoid links if the web name or any of the macros expand to include WikiWords or other markup.

Below part is included by each WebAtom topic:

%STARTINCLUDE%<link rel="self" type="application/atom+xml" href="%SCRIPTURL{"view"}%/%BASEWEB%/%BASETOPIC%"/>
  "%URLPARAM{"search" encode="entities, quote" default=".*" }%"
  web="%URLPARAM{"web" encode="safe, quote" default="%BASEWEB%" }%"
  excludetopic="%URLPARAM{"excludetopic" encode="safe, quote" default="%STATISTICSTOPIC%" }%"
  type="%URLPARAM{"type" encode="safe, quote" default="regex" }%"
  limit="%URLPARAM{"limit" encode="safe, quote" default="16" }%"
  scope="%URLPARAM{"scope" encode="safe, quote" default="text" }%"
  casesensitive="%URLPARAM{"casesensitive" encode="safe, quote" default="on" }%"
  date="%URLPARAM{"date" encode="safe, quote" default="" }%"
  format="$percentCALC{$IF($GET(c)>0, , <updated>$isodate</updated>$CHAR(10))$SETM(c, +1)}$percent<entry>$n <title>$topic</title>$n <link rel=\"alternate\" type=\"text/html\" href=\"%SCRIPTURL{"view"}%/$web/$topic?t=$isodate\"/>$n <id>%SCRIPTURL{"view"}%/$web/$topic</id>$n <updated>$isodate</updated>$n <summary>$summary (last changed by <nop>$wikiname)</summary>$n <author>$n  <name><nop>$wikiname</name></author>$n</entry>"

See also: WebRssBase
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