This page is meant to capture various events or things that happen with that will be fun to remember.

  • Hannah-Joy is going to Kealing Magnet school for her first time in public school. It is lots of homework but she is enjoying it. She tried out for volleyball and made the A team. They won the championship. She had one of the most powerful serves of anyone on the team. She also tried out for basketball and made the A team as well. Not sure the results yet but they dominated their first game 62 to 6. -- RickMach - 06 Nov 2011

Phillip is SO excited about lawn Christmas decorations. I think his goal is to have our lawn so full that it has no space for any more. He said when he grows up, he wants a job of decorating other people's lawns for Christmas.

-- RickMach - 27 Dec 2009

HJ does not have a clue what a sweet and memorable thing she said to me. When we got home the other night, she sweetly said "I think your house always smells so good. I like it."

I have always read that our memory is triggered by smells and they play a big part in our mind so hopefully one day a long time from now a smell will trigger a good memory of coming to our house for her. Just wanted to share something that I will always treasure...... - 31 Oct 2008

  • Phillip is in half day Kindergarten this year. If he is on 'green' at the end of the day he earns a sticker. If he is on green all week, he gets to pick out of the treasure chest. In talking with Pa (Doug) this past weekend, Phillip told Pa that the next time he earned a something out of the treasure chest, he would pick something for Pa. -- RickMach - 21 Sep 2007 - 19:24
  • Swim Team in the City of Austin meet at the UT swim center on Saturday, July 7th, 2007. The following are their events:
    • Joseph
      • 50 yard freestyle (Event 16, heat 3 of 3) - 36.22 (previous best time 37.89); fastest overall time 32.62
      • 50 yard breaststroke (Event 36, heat 2 of 3) 49.16 (previous best time 51.58); fastest overall time 44.10
      • 50 yard butterfly (Event 46, heat 2 of 2) 49.02 (previous best time 52.53); fastest overall time 40.89
    • Hannah-Joy
      • 25 yard freestyle (Event 13, heat 6 of 6) 19.97 or 20.83 (previous best time 21.71); fastest overall time 15.64 (missed some)
      • 25 yard backstroke (Event 23, heat 2 of 4) 23.07 (previous best time 23.23); fastest overall time 19.87
      • 25 yard butterfly (Event 43, heat 2 of 3) 26.43 (previous best time 26.00); fastest overall time 16.46
    • Phillip swam all year with the team but didn't swim at any meets. He just learned to swim but did a great job. He could of competed but was scared so we didn't force him. Maybe next year he will.
  • When Phillip stays on the color green at preschool he is allowed to choose one candy. For the past several weeks, he asks to take a candy to Hannah-Joy and Joseph. The teacher allows him to take 2 extra for his brother and sister. -- LorettaMach - 22 Feb 2007 - 21:57
  • Phillip really wants to go to Six Flags. He has asked Rick and I at minimum 25 times each. He doesn't seem to comprehend that it's not even open right now. -- LorettaMach - 22 Feb 2007 - 21:56
  • Joseph has been telling me how he hates baseball. He's been very upset that he is playing it this spring. Tonight at baseball practice he was having the time of his life. He was joking with the other kids and playing first base. He was obviously having quite a good time. 02-23-07 -- LorettaMach - 22 Feb 2007 - 21:55
  • Phillip has been telling us "I love you because of who you are." As we were getting out of the van, Phillip asked "Can God here us when we talk?" I answered yes. At that point Phillip looked up and spoke very quietly, "God, I love you because of who you are." -- RickMach - 31 Jan 2007 - 22:07
  • In January 2007, Phillip has gotten into spelling words. However he is usually looking at the word as he is spelling it. The other night while at the dinner table he saw something from H-E-B grocery store. He looked at me and said, "I can spell H-E-B without looking!". It was hard to keep a straight face as he told it to me and it was pretty funny. smile -- RickMach - 25 Jan 2007 - 09:16
  • During Hannah-Joy's violin recital in December 2006 (which was LONG), Phillip and I took a trip over to Wal-mart to exchange a Cars DVD. During the walk over to the van Phillip asked "is Jesus in my heart?" and "how does he get there?". We talk about Jesus coming into you heart if you ask him to and if you believe he died for the wrong things you have done. At that point he wanted to pray and ask Jesus to come into his heart. -- RickMach - 25 Jan 2007 - 09:19

  • Joseph swim times at the Austin city meet
    • 25 freestyle 27.29s placing 3rd in heat
    • 25 breaststroke 32.59 1st in heat and 7th overall
    • freestyle relay 1:39.12 1st overall - they then got beat badly in state but swam a better time of 1:30.94. -- RickMach - 11 July 2003
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