Friendship in Charlotte's Web by Joseph Mach, May 2006

Charlotte’s Web is about farm animals trying to help a pig named Wilbur. Mr. Zuckerman, the owner of all the animals, plans to kill Wilbur and eat him for Christmas supper. One night a gray spider named Charlotte introduces herself to Wilbur. This is the beginning of a terrific friendship.

There are several characteristics of Wilbur and Charlotte’s friendship. Wilbur was lonely and crying when he met Charlotte in Mr. Zuckerman’s barn. Their relationship grows throughout the book into a devoted friendship. The three traits of Wilbur and Charlotte’s companionship are acceptance, trust, and love.

The first feature of the animals’ friendship is acceptance. Wilbur doesn’t like Charlotte attacking her prey and drinking their blood. But he still accepts her as his friend. Charlotte speaks to Wilbur after the goose, lamb, and Templeton reject Wilbur’s invitation to play. Charlotte tells Wilbur she likes him and wants to be his friend

The next feature of Wilbur and Charlotte’s friendship is trust. Charlotte trusted Wilbur to take her egg sac from the fair to the barn and keep it safe. Charlotte tells Wilbur she will save his life. Wilbur trusted Charlotte to rescue him from becoming bacon and ham.

The last trait of Wilbur and Charlotte’s friendship is love. Charlotte showed love by spending her time and strength writing words in her web to persuade the Zuckerman’s of Wilbur’s worth. I think Charlotte died by working herself to death on this project. Wilbur displayed his love for Charlotte by making a deal with Templeton, the rat. He promised Templeton as much of his slop as he wanted if he would get Charlotte’s egg sac down from the ceiling of the pig pen. He also promised Templeton that he could eat first from Wilbur’s trough if he did this. When Charlotte tells Wilbur she is dying he says to her, ..”I would gladly give up my life for you—I really would.”

There are many qualities exhibited in the friendship between Wilbur and Charlotte. Acceptance, trust, and love stood out to me when I read this book.

-- LorettaMach - 08 May 2006
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