1. Your best friend just repainted his room and asks you like how it looks. You:
    1. Tell him it looks good, even though the color is overwhelming.
    2. Advise him to decorate with some large light posters. That will help with the coloring. However, don't tell him why. It will just hurt his feelings.
    3. Tell him to get a new color. His room can look better, and you'll help him pick one out.
  2. A friend tells you he's been using steroids, and he wants you to promise not to tell anyone. You:
    1. Promise, then tell your parents.
    2. Promise and don't tell anyone.
    3. Don't promise. You know he's in trouble and he really needs help.
  3. You get out of the store and realize the cashier gave you an extra $5 in change. You:
    1. Go home. Hooray! An extra $5. It's the cashier's fault, after all.
    2. Slip the $5 back on the counter by the cashier.
    3. Give the money back to the cashier so she can put it back into the till.
  4. When the teacher left the classroom someone wrote a nasty work on the board. The teacher asks you after class if you know who did it. You:
    1. Say you weren't paying attention. You don't want people to hate you.
    2. Tell her you think it was a certain person, but you just aren't sure.
    3. Sure you tell her. It was really nasty and that person should be held accountable.
  5. You are in the dugout and overhear criticizing you friend after he struck out. You don't say anything, but later your friend asks you if people are taking about him. You:
    1. Tell him you haven't heard anything. Why hurt his feelings?
    2. Tell him you heard something, but sugar-coat it.
    3. Tell him what you heard and help him talk it out.
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