Here are the details for the work that Fernando is performing on our home. The work covers these areas:

  1. The addition of a new master bedroom, closet, and bathroom
  2. The replacement of our roof
  3. The addition of a window in the living room
  4. The replacement of the back siding & move of faucet
  5. The addition of a new back door
  6. Partition in the old master bedroom
  7. Minor items to be fixed as time available

With each of these, we have discussed a number of details for what will be done. The following sections describe each of areas of work.

New bedroom, bathroom, closet

The exterior of the new addition is hardiplank. Heating and cooling for the new addition has yet to be finalized. The options discussed are an additional unit or tying into the existing unit (which might need to be replaced with a bigger one). On the exterior of the new addition, there will be a light in the eave of the house that can be turned on or off from a switch in the master bedroom. The light will be a security type light similar to the one on the side of our home that comes on dimly automatically at dusk and turns off at dawn. The exterior will have at least one plug since the addition will be covering the existing outside backyard plug. All exterior and bathroom plugs will be GFCI protected. At least one should be on the side facing the play scape. Additionally, since the new addition will cover our existing porch light, a new porch light will need to be added. While putting in the gas line for the water heater, extend the line to also include a gas outlet on the wall facing the deck/playscape. This could be used for a gas grill. The gas line will be an additional cost item. An exterior faucet will be added on the outside wall of the bathroom. The following is a diagram of all three new rooms. The following sections detail each of the rooms.


New Master bedroom

The master bedroom is to be a room that has dimensions of 17' x 17'. The room will have a vaulted ceiling that the peak will run perpendicular to the vaulted ceiling in the living room. The entry into the bedroom will be double doors (French) from the living room that swing into the bedroom. The plug that is under the windows where the new door will be located will be moved to the side of the doors toward the dining room. The door between the living room and the bedroom will be at the location of the existing back door and swing into the living room. It will be a glass door with curtains to allow light but not be see through. The room will have recessed halogen lighting that will be controlled by a dimmer switch. There will probably be at least 4 and maybe 6 lighting fixtures (will wait until laying out room to determine the final count). The center of the room will have a ceiling fan with light. The light and the ceiling fan will each be on independent switches so each can be turned on/off independently. The drawing above shows the room layout. On the East wall of the bedroom near the living room will be the door for entry to the bathroom. The door will swing into the bathroom. There will be a blank wall where a bed or furniture could go on the East wall between the door for the bathroom and closet. On the East wall near the North wall will be the door for entry into the closet. On the North wall will be two 3' wide by 6' tall windows toward each edge of the wall which will allow space in between for a bed or piece of furniture. On the West wall will be a door that leads outside. This door is located on the wall near the living room. This door will be a single door with glass in the door and built in blinds. Between the door and window will be a solid wall for a bed or piece of furniture. Closer to the North wall will be a single window that is 6' wide and 4 ' tall positioned off the floor so that a desk or small bookcase could fit under the window. This is a similar one to the window in our bedroom or the one in our existing dining room. Flooring for the bedroom was quoted as carpet. However, we want to consider other options at the time at extra cost. One possible choice is:


The bathroom is very similar to the existing bathrooms in the home but with one additional foot in length. The size of the bathroom is 5' wide by 9' long. This one additional foot in length will be used to have a counter that is one foot longer at the sink. The tub/shower combination will be in the back of the bathroom on the wall that is between the bathroom and closet. The toilet will be in the middle and the counter/cabinet/sink closest to the living room and the door to the bathroom. The area around the tub and the flooring of the bathroom will be tile. The toilet type should be a Niagara low flow toilet just like the existing bathrooms. Above the toilet will be a cabinet similar to the cabinets above our toilets in the existing bathrooms. At the sink will be a mirror and a medicine cabinet. The sink will be flush mounted with the counter top and offset to be near the edge that is closest to the toilet to maximize the counter space (similar to the sink in the existing bathrooms). Hot water for the bathroom will be provided by an additional water heater that is an gas powered tankless unit. The tankless unit will be mounted on the outside wall of the new addition. The bathroom will be tied into the central HVAC. Additionally, the bathroom will have an electric heater and exhaust fan (same as the existing bathrooms).


The closet will have dimensions of 5' wide by 8' long. The closet will have at least one electrical outlet in addition to the lighting. The closet will have shelving around all sides with some areas suitable for hanging dresses. The shelving details were not determined exactly but something like the existing master bedroom closets would be useful. The closets contain wire shelving or something similar that provides a space to place something on the shelf while using the edge of the shelf for hangers. They are placed so that two shirt/suite length items can be hung above each other. The flooring will be carpet or other flooring at additional cost (flooring will match the bedroom).

The replacement of our roof

The existing roof was damaged by hail in April. The insurance quoted the replacement of the roof an vents (you have a copy of the insurance info). The roof will be replaced at the same time the roof for the new room is added on. The roof should include the replacement of the felt and possibly some of the boards under the roof as warping was noted when examining the roof. When the vents are replaced, they should have wire installed (like the existing ones) to prevent animals from entering the roof. We are adding one additional vent to the existing gable on the west side to provide better attic ventilation. The one additional vent is at additional cost.

The addition of a window in the living room

Once the new addition is in place, there will no longer be any windows in the living room. To add natural lighting, one window will be added close to the peak of the vaulted ceiling on the outside wall of the living room. The exact window has not been determined but what we discussed was a octagon shaped window that would be more interesting to look at than a standard rectangular window. No need to have a window that opens and closes.

The replacement of the back siding & move faucet

The existing siding on the house is beginning to deteriorate especially on the bottom. At the same time as doing the new addition, the existing siding on the rear of the home was to be replaced with hardiplank. While the siding is off, move the faucet closer to the far end of the house to allow for a deck that extends along the home. The move would be at additional cost.

The addition of a new back door

To make room for the addition, the existing back door will be closed up. A new back door will be added in the dining room. This door will be located close to the corner away from the living room and will be a double door (French) with built in blinds.

Partition in the old master bedroom (all of this would be at additional cost)

The exact plans for this have yet to be finalized. However we discussed three options:
  1. doing nothing - this is what was quoted, the other options would be additional cost.
  2. putting a flexible partition that is on a rail/slide that could close off the back of the room
  3. putting a hard partition that is movable to open or shut off the back part of the room
  4. install a track and a heavy, nice curtain

Minor Items

There are several minor repair items around the home that we discussed getting fixed when the appropriate people are on-site working on the new addition. These are:
  1. The repair of the door on the shed - rebuild the door and add something on the roof that would prevent the water from running down the door. - included in quote
  2. Reconstruction of the deck - After the addition is complete, use the existing wood from the desk to rebuild a deck. The design/layout will be decided once the addition is complete. - may be additional cost depending on extent of the deck
  3. Fix the leaking faucet in the back yard by replacing the faucet with a screw on faucet instead of a soddered on faucet - additional cost
  4. See about fixing the leaking faucet in the current master bathroom tub. There is a concern that it might break the sodder on the pipes if you try to unscrew it. We were going to get the plumber to look at it and give an opinion. - additional cost
  5. Fix the hole in the wall near front door by patching the hole in the Sheetrock from the front door doorknob. - additional cost
  6. Fix the holes in ceiling in garage caused by stepping off the attic floor - additional cost

Agreed to changes at additional costs

  1. Add one gable vents to the existing attic - ?

Here is the following change orders. In addition, looking over my notes I did not have any allowances for the faucets for the tub, vanity or the interior fan and vanity light. I did have an allowance for the Niagara toilet, tub, and recess cans. The other items were not decided prior to contract (Labor only).

Change Order Cost
Upgrade of French Doors 150.00
Replacement of front door and garage door locks 90.00
Tax 7.43
Moving faucet closer to the far end of the Home 125.00
Adding a faucet on the outside of Master bath. 125.00
Add gas line for the pit 275.00
Repair patches in garage 135.00
Repair Door Hole by front door 15.00
Add additional electrical plug North Side 35.00
Sump Pump 1275.00
Sub Total 2232.43
Overhead 15% 334.80
Profit 15% 334.80
Total 2902.00

Upgrade flooring:
Original $878.00 (Carpet)

Wood Flooring
Materials 360 @ $3.50 = $1260.00
Installation 360 @ $3.00 = $1080.00
Materials T-Mold = $45.00
Materials Carpet Reducer = $45.00
SubTotal $2430.00
Tax $111.37
Total $2541.37
Credit $878.00
GrandTotal Change Order $1663.37

Change Order Cost/Credit
Sink kit ~$13
Extra for sink ~$100

Misc. Stuff

Tax credits for energy efficiency for 2006-2007
  • Natural gas, propane, or oil water heaters must have an energy factor (EF) of at least 0.80

Regular & Minor Stuff To Be Completed

I will want to get paperwork/receipts for the following items. The tax credit items needs to have a price without installation because the rebate is a % of the cost of just the item.

Lift pump - needed for the warranty
water heater - needed for tax credit

Need to file paperwork with insurance to get the remainder of the roof payments

paint gable vent

paint outside of living room window

Contact Info

3501 Hyridge Dr.
Austin, TX 78759

502-8453 (store)
785-8453 (cell)

Network Wiring Testing

North 1 -

North 2 -

South 1 - 4 isn't working

South 2 - 3 & 4 aren't working

East 1 -

East 2-

West 1 -

West 2 - -- RickMach - 11 Jun 2006

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