Making two loaves Sourcough and two cranberry walnut Get out scale Get out Large mixing bowl and lg.Glass measuring bowl set on scale and set scale to zero Add all flours and then water Mix with tool (only time to use it) and then hands Cover with shower cap bowl covers for one hour

After the hour, put each bowl on the scale and zero it out. Add salt and leaven. Mix in by pulling the dough up near side of the bowl and push down with your fist. Knead this way until mixed. Add water if needed. Measure out cranberries on scale and add. Measure out walnuts, then chop slightly, then add to dough. Mix in. Cover bowl again. Set alarm for one hour.

Stretch and fold 3 times and then replace cover and wait 45min-1 hour. On the third time do the window pane test. If it doesn't pass the test, cover and wait 45 min.

-- LorettaMach - 2020/07/20
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