There came the time when angles said: "O Mary! Surely Allah has exalted you, purified you, and preferred you for His service over all the women of the worlds.[42] O Mary! Be obedient to you Lords, prostrate and bow down in worship with other worshipers."[43] This is the news from the Unseen which We are revealing to you. You were not present with them when they cast their pens to decide which of them should be the guardian of Mary; nor were you with them when they argued about it.[44] When the angles said, "O Mary! Allah gives you the good news with a Word from Him: his name will be Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary. He will be noble in this world and the Hereafter; and he will be from those who are very close to Allah.[45] He will speak to the people in the cradle and in his old age and he will be among the righteous."[46]

The Quran, Surah 3 (Al-Imran), Verses 42-46

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