Squash Relish by Fay Young

The problem is she didn't exactly measure the veggies--just cut up what she had.

1 gal sliced squash--she used 4 to 6 large squash
2 bell peppers
3 onions
2 c sliced carrots
5 or 6 small jalepenos

Mix above and add 1/2 c salt, cover with ice and let soak 3 hrs. Drain and rinse twice.


2 c sugar
2 c water
1 c vinegar
1 t pickling spice
1 t mustard seed
1/2 t celery seed

When mixture comes to boil add veggies and boil about 5 min,add a little tumeric (she just sprinkled) then put in jars and seal. Makes about 5 pints.

Other Info (pictures, nutrition, etc)

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