Spanish Rice by RickMach

Olive oil (you could use other oils but this is both healthy and flavorful)
Rice (I like Basamati brown rice or a mixture of brown and white)
Tomato bullion
Chicken broth (or water or a mixture or both - the more broth the more flavorful)
Frozen mixed vegetables

You can vary the portions of rice, broth, and bullion to control the size of the dish. Use the amount of liquid suggested for the type of rice you are cooking. Use the amount of tomato bullion suggested for the volume of liquid used.

Add enough oil to have a coating on the bottom of a skillet with a lid. You do need enough oil to have a light coating on the rice as it cooks. Add rice and cook over a medium heat until rice has a good brown color. Note that the kernels will be mixed with some darker brown and other lighter. Make sure you don't start to burn the rice. Add the tomato bullion and the broth/liquid. Mix until the bullion is fully dissolved in the liquid. Cover and cook over a medium heat until most of the liquid is absorbed. Note: Do not stir rice after it has begun to cook. You could make s small slit in the rice with a spatula to check to see how much liquid is left. When a small amount of liquid is left, sprinkle the top of the rice with the frozen mixed vegetables and continue cooking covered until all the liquid is absorbed. As the rice finishes, verify it is cooked soft to taste. If firm, add a small amount of additional water and continue to cook until done. Toss rice and vegetable and serve.
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