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This page has our thoughts on the restaurants we have tried recently. After each restaurant name I have tried to include a link to a review by Rob Balon or others. Hope this might be helpful in finding some good places to eat in Austin as well as avoiding some poor choices. I also have a list of restaurants I want to try. Looking for a listing of restaurants by area, check out

Five Guys - Rating- 7 (1-10)

Five Guys is a clean, but simple place with great food. The burgers are excellent and are made for you on the spot (unlike many fast food places such as McDonalds). They serve complimentary peanuts while you wait and are always kind and gracious. Be sure to order fries because they’re delicious. They have Cajun powder for all of ya’ll who enjoy hot stuff (including me). On the menu there are little burgers and burgers (i.e. little cheeseburger, cheeseburger). Be warned, the “little burgers” are regular size (one meat patty). Toppings include mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeños, grilled onions, and grilled mushrooms. The sauces offered are BBQ, hot sauce and A1, all of these are no additional charge. They also sell hotdogs and grilled cheese, but specialize more on hamburgers. The grilled cheese Sandwich doesn’t live up to the Five Guys standard. Many other food critics enjoy Five Guys hamburgers. The Washington Magazine awarded Five Guys with the “Number 1 burger” for seven years! But even Five Guys has his nicks. This restaurant isn’t the healthiest place. The Center for Science in the Public Interest placed Five Guys's bacon cheeseburger, which contains 920 calories, among its 2010 list of most unhealthy meals available at U.S. chain restaurants. The price is a deal considering the quality of the burger. I recommend the little baconburger and Cajun fries. Don’t order your burger online because it never tastes as good. Another Plus is they accept credit cards, checks, and cash. There hours are from 11 am- 10 p.m. Mon-Sun. There are many locations including: 3208 Guadalupe St and Ste 142, 10000 Research Boulevard. All and all, Five guys is a great burger place that has tasty food. - Hannah-Joy E. Mach

Tony's Vinyard
April '08

I'm writing the review late but we had a salmon dish and something else. Both were ok but not great. We have no plans to return as it was not very impressive.

Rome's Pizza

9225 W Parmer
Austin, TX 78717
Tel. (512) 996-8890
March '08

We tried their Millennium 3 Pizza, oven baked sandwich, and a gyro. All the items were very and the pizza was both unique and outstanding. We will definitely come back and try more pizzas here. They have a wide variety of traditional as well as gourmet pizzas.

Ka Prow (review)

1200 W. Howard Lane suite O
Austin, TX 78753
November '06

Ka Prow has an extensive menu of what can be described as Asia Fusion cuisine. There are Chinese, Japanese, and Thai as well as blending of the styles. The menu is extensive and has many appealing items. Loretta enjoyed a mixed vegetable stir fry with tofu and I had Panang Curry with chicken. Both were very tasty dishes and served with your choice of white or brown rice. For dessert we tried the Egg Custard which was really a Crème Brûlée. The food was very good and the prices were extremely reasonable. They are highly recommended and we are looking forward to our next visit.

January '07 Again a very good visit and a restaurant that I would recommend. While the sushi was good, I didn't like the complex roll I tried as well as I thought. Maybe next time I'll try a more traditional one.

The Mansion at Judges Hill (review)

1900 Rio Grande, Austin Texas
October '06

We had their tasting menu that included 5 or 6 entries. The food was very good but personally I don't believe I will return due to the high prices. I would prefer several other places that has great food but more reasonable prices.

Mirabelle (review)

8127 Mesa Drive
Austin, TX 78759
August '06

Sage Crusted Pork Tenderloin - $10.95 Roasted sage crusted pork tenderloin in a wild mushroom, sherry, sharp white Cheddar and cream gravy, topped with a green apple puree and a fig slaw, and served with creamy mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans with toasted almonds.

Fish dish, can't remember the name but very good.

Strawberry rhubarb cobbler with Amy's cinnamon vanilla ice cream

Louie 106 (review)

106 E 6th St
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 476-1998
August '06

Bronzed Alaskan Halibut Filet Smoked Yellow And Red Tomato Coulis, Fire Roasted Red Onion And Rock Shrimp Arepas, Wilted Spinach, Oyster Mushrooms $21.50

The Original Baby Louie’s "Hot and Crunchy Trout" Mango Chutney Sambal Sauce, Pecan Rice $18.50


Thai Tara (review)

601W. 6th St.@ Nueces
Austin, TX 78701
July '06

Ands the corn and yam patties are more than worthy of your consideration. These patties are hand-made, flash fried, and served with a lovely dipping sauce. They are nicely textured with a very intriguing taste

Pad Thai Noodles - Rice noodles stir fried with eggs, bean sprouts, chives and choice of meat, topped with roasted peanuts with Tofu

Yellow Curry with Chicken - Yellow curry with potatoes, onions, carrots and choice of meat, served with cucumber salad

Reasonable priced, good food.

Andiamo Ristorante (review)

2521 Rutland Dr. #325
Austin 78758
(512) 719-3377
June '06

This restaurant features fine Northern Italian food as well. The owner is from Italy along with his chef. You eat the kind of food as though you were dining in Italy. Truly the best real Italian cucina in Austin.) – Jeanie Marsalia, 4/05.

Scallops with pesto, mozzarella with tomatoes and basil mushroom filled ravioli with tomato sauce

Sienna (review)
6203 North Capital of Texas Highway
Bldg B
Austin, Texas 78731
June 2006

For Loretta's birthday we decided to try an Italian restaurant that I have heard good things about but have never visited in the last 5 years the restaurant has been open. The restaurant is located in a strip center at 2222 and 360. The building and landscaping are very nice and reminds you of an old building you might find in the Italian countryside. We were there earlier and were their first table for the evening (Monday). The entire environment of the restaurant provided a elegant and relaxing atmosphere. For starters, we enjoyed a smokey flavored grilled rustic bread rubbed with garlic, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil ($4). It was very taste and enjoyable but probably could have used a little less oil on the bread. For the main dishes, I tried Cacciucco which is a traditional Tuscan dish of shrimp, scallops, fresh fish, calamari and mussels sautéed with red chili, spring onions and roasted tomato sauce served with grilled bruschetta ($28). The seafood was cooked to perfection and the sause made it an excellent dish. I enjoyed just dipping the sauce in bread. Loretta tried the Trota In Crosta Di Noci which is walnut crusted Rainbow Trout with sauteed shrimp in a fresh tarragon, Vernaccia wine sauce on sauteed fresh spinach ($26). Again the flavors of the dish were outstanding. Loretta brought some home and Joseph tried and bite and through it was great as well. We shared a side of wood roasted vegetables ($9) that consisted of portabella mushrooms, squash, zuchinni, and red onion grilled so it has a smokey flavor. It was simple dish but the vegetables were very fresh and the smokey flavor a nice addition. Though we really didn't try much, they have an outstanding wine list with many different regions represented. Each region had a description of the area and a list of wines. I suspect they had hundreds of different wines on their menu though most are available only by the bottle. We did try a taste of a German Reisling and a glass of an Italian light and fruity white wine (I forget the name). Overall, I would highly recommend this restaurant. I think Sienna is not quite as great as Vespaio which has been the best Italian we have tried it Austin. However, it is closer and a close 2nd based on our visit. I might also want to try it one day for lunch. They have a number of dishes at a more reasonable price of $10 - $12.

Musashino Sushi Dokoro (review)

407 Greystone Dr
Austin, TX 78731
(512) 795-8593
June 2006

edamame, California roll, vegetable roll, spider hand roll, scallop sushi, ? hand roll - outstanding, hand rolls had a very tasety sauce

China Sea (review)

3742 Far West Blvd
Austin, TX 78731-3099
(512) 338-6003
May 2006

inexpensive ~ $8 per entree, 2 for 1 with passbook, very good at a reasonable price.

January 2007 - Again very good food at reasonable prices. We especially enjoyed the family style wonton soup. It had chicken and vegetables in it and was much better than most I have tried.

Alborz Persian Cuisine (review)
3300 W Anderson Lane #30
Austin, Texas 78757
(512) 420-2222

Borani - Mixture of sautéed spinach, onions and spices with homemade yogurt - 4.95
Vegetarian Combination Plate - Skewers of mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, squash, zucchini and tomatoes served on a bed of fluffy basmati rice - 11.95
Khoresh Bademjan - Sauteed beef, eggplant, and tomato sauce, served with fluffy basmati rice - 9.95

East Side Cafe (review)
2113 Manor Road
Austin, TX 78722
(512) 476-5858

Wild Mushroom Crepes -Two crepes filled with wild mushrooms, domestic mushrooms, walnuts, ricotta, and jack cheese. Topped with roasted tomato mushroom sauce. 13.25

Ruby Trout grilled and topped with shitake mushroom ginger cream sauce. 16.95

Peony Asian Cuisine (review)
5308 Balcones Drive
Austin, Tx 78731
(512) 459-3341

Utilizing our Entertainment card for a buy one entree get one free, we tried a restaurant we haven't visited in several years. Everything we tried was very well done and we will be returning. For a different kind of drink, we tried a hot rose tea. It had a pleasant aroma and is supposed to be good for the complexion. For our meal, we tried three dishes: Celestial Shrimp ($14.95), Cassoulet Chinois ($16.95), and Sauteed Green Beans ($7.95). The shrimp was served in a minced garlic sauce (white sauce) with broccoli. The Cassoulet Chinois contained lobster, scallops, shrimp, and crab meat in a brown sauce served in a hot clay pot. The green beans were sauteed in oil and a brown sauce. With the meal, we were also served a sesame bread that is first steamed and then fried. Everything was very good and the bread was addicting. The portions were generous and I don't think we ate more than half of what we ordered. In additional to the wonderful food, the waitress was very friend, informative, and provided excellent service. This place is highly recommended a
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