Date: 8/12/07

Study: Knights of Grace – Attribute Review Continued

Lesson: 8

11:00 – Review of 5 Attributes- Definitions

Courage - An inner strength that emerges in the face of fear, danger or seemingly impossible circumstances.

Sacrifice - Willingly giving up something of importance or value to you for the benefit of another without thought of recognition, reward or repayment.

Honesty - Truthfulness; a refusal to lie, steal, cheat, or deceive in any way.

Faith - Obedience to God regardless of the circumstances or consequences.

Loyalty - Unwavering allegiance in both good and difficult times.


11:10 – Small Groups

1. Assign each group a predefined scenario / situation - something that they may face in there lives.

2. Have each group determine which attribute would be the most beneficial to help address / resolve the situation.

3. Determine how to apply the attribute.

4. Create a skit that displays the scenario / situation and application of the attribute (max of 5 minutes per skit)

5. Act out the skit for the class.

6. The rest of the class guesses what the situation is and what attribute is being displayed

7. Leaders are encouraged to provide guidance, direction and suggestive hints to help the group stay on track


1. (Courage) - There is a new kid at school who just moved here from another state. Some of your friends at school start whispering and gossiping about the new student. Then they start making fun of his name, his clothes, his size, and his accent out loud for others including the new student to hear. As a Knight of Grace what would you do?

2. (Sacrifice) - It is the last day for Fiesta Texas to be open before it closes for the fall. Some friends call you at the last minute to go to Fiesta Texas and it’s your last chance to ride the new roller coaster. However, you had promised to spend the day with your little brother / sister. As a Knight of Grace what would you do?

3. (Honesty) - You are on a camping trip with your scout troop. During the campout a young man camping with his family finds and returns a wallet to the park office. The park office returns the wallet to an adult that is with the scouts and mistakenly identifies you as the young man who returned the wallet. During council time around the fire, the owner of the wallet calls you up to the front of the group and personally thanks you for returning the wallet plus he gives you a reward. As a Knight of Grace what would you do?

4. (Faith) - You grandparent/parent died and you miss them a lot. You know they were a Christian but you have the feeling you will never see them again. What do you do?

You have prayed about being a LIT and God has confirmed that you were supposed to do it through your desires, counsel of your parents, and in talking with your friends. You are excited about starting but after the first day you find the kids are wild, are mean you, and won't listen to your direction. What do you do?

5. (Loyalty) - You and another boy have always been in the same class since kindergarten and have become best friends. This year you are in separate classes and you are now in a class with all of the cool and popular kids in your grade. The cool and popular kids like you and invite you to hang with them but your best friend is not welcome. You are also told you cannot hangout with your best friend any more. As a Knight of Grace what would you do?

11:30 – Return to Large Group

1. Last group to sit down gives us 10 pushups as a group and leads off the skits

2. Each group performs their skit (5 minutes each)

** Close in Prayer **

11:55 - Outside for Games

Leaders are welcome and encouraged to introduce new games
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